Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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  • Get rid of armpit stains

  • Using a mix of Dawn and hydrogen peroxide to get well worn whites back to their former bright white glory

If you've ever had to toss a favorite shirt that was in decent condition aside from a couple annoying armpit stains, you'll be pleased to know you may not have to do that with your next shirt! I had a feeling that mixing dawn and peroxide might actually do the trick on dingy armpit stains, especially when amped up by baking soda which is what the original pinner did so I did as well! What I didn't anticipate is how well it would work on old, seemingly set in stains! I tested the pin on several different articles of clothing and admittedly there were a couple shirts, my husband's Element tee below being one of them, that needed to be treated twice. However, that t-shirt is ancient so the fact that the mix worked at all is still a success in my book even if I did have to go through the process twice. Honestly, doing it twice wasn't because it didn't work at all. It was simply so I could say that I brought the tee "back to white". The stain was mostly removed after the first treatment and the very slight amount of dingy remnant was completely unnoticeable when worn.

Hubby's Element Tee: BEFORE
Hubby's Element Tee: AFTER
My Basic 3/4 Sleeve Tee: BEFORE
My 3/4 Sleeve Basic Tee: AFTER

I thought I'd try working out the pit stains on a colored shirt so I chose one of Hubby's old sky blue Hurley tees. Can't even tell there was ever an armpit stain at all can ya?

Another Hubby Tee in blue: AFTER

Dawn + Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda= Successful stain remover and bleach alternative!



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