Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Today, I will be reviewing the most amazing pin I've tested yet! It is a mirrored paper organizer to help keep track of those random notes, bills, etc. that you really need to keep right in front of your face. The reason why this pin is soooo amazing is because it's mine! *Big cheese* Ok, honestly, it's not the most inventive thing in the world and I didn't actually take the time to make it artsy at all. It was quick and dirty... but effective! My husband is a real estate agent who likes to print out home listings and leave the printouts all over the house. One day I'd had enough of having our daily "Babe, is this a toss or keep page?" conversation and decided I wanted a quick solution that was functional but most importantly cheap. Sooo, I came up with this little number.

Items Used:

Mirror (Big Lots)
Hemp Twine (Artco Crafts)
Mini Paperclips (Artco Crafts)
Button Magnets* (Dollar Tree)
  *There's no reason the buttons need to be magnetic. I just happened to have these from a DIY toddler activity game.

There really wasn't much to this and I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory. As I mentioned the button magnets were just something I had lying around. I super glued the twine to the buttons first with a little dot in the center on the back side. Then after that dried, I added more glue to the outer parts of the back of the magnet and stuck it to the mirror. A few key things to remember with this project is to make sure to use as little super glue as possible to make the mounting pieces- in my case, the magnetic buttons- stick as flatly to the mirror as possible. Second, the twine needs to be taut to handle the weight of whatever you hang from the paper clips.

This project took me about 15 minutes and cost me $11. Like I said... quick and dirty but so far it's working so I'm calling this one a Success!


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