Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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  • Homemade pimple treatment


  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) diluted with a little water then applied topically to a pimple and allowed to sit for 15 minutes (then rinse) will clear up the breakout


  •  FAIL!

I actually kinda thought the ACV treatment would have worked but alas... it DID NOT! I was conveniently having a breakout when I came across this pin so I thought, "Hey, why not try it!" The only problem was when this didn't work, I had to walk around for a day with an attractive couple of white heads on my face that I REALLY wanted to pop but for the sake of testing out this natural pimple treatment I couldn't!

Before Shot- Zit #1- Day #1:

Before Shot- Zit #2- Day #1:

I applied with watered down ACV twice a day and left it on for 15 minutes at a time then rinsed it off. The 2nd time I applied in the day, I washed my face after and then went to bed. I did this for 2 days, initially planning to do it for 3 days, but I couldn't handle walking around with the giant white head you'll see below!!!

Look at that crap!!! Basically the ACV and water did absolutely nothing. My pimple went through the same process it would normally go through if I had left it alone.

The 2nd one didn't get a big white head but there was also zero improvement.

For me to consider a pimple treatment effective it has to show improvement at least by the end of the 2nd day. This did not. So by day 3, I was over it! I popped that sucker, put my Home Health Blemish Treatment Lotion on it ($5.99 at Super Supplements), and the next day it was nearly gone.


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